after $1,000,000 of split testing
It’s Never Taken LEss Time To Increase Conversions…
The Fact is Video is The #1 Most Powerful Marketing Tool
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What IS Sticky Spotlight Video
There’s no doubt video is the number one tool for increasing conversions. Internet marketers know this. Tai Lopez (Marketing Genius) ONLY uses one sales video and NO TEXT to sell his number ONE Clickbank product.

Tai has spent over $1 million on split testing cold traffic (they admit this online) to work out a landing page video maximized his conversions.

The retail company Zappos used video for product descriptions, increasing conversion on each product by 6-30%. They’re a $1.2 Billion company. If video works for Zappos it’s going to work for you.
“increase conversion rate in 
JUST 60 seconds”
If this sounds to good to be true, or too “simple”. That’s just the way it is.

We recommend you Download Our Free Trial and see your sales INCREASE!
get your point across faster
  • “Magic” Responsive Video Follows
    Prospects Down The Page
    Our video player is different. It follows your prospect while they scroll your page. This makes sure they see your entire sales pitch.
  • Fully Customize Your Video Engagements 
    Place your video on any page, post, or landing page. Determine your video's size, placement, heading colors, and mobile scroll.
  • Call To Actions Increase Conversions
    Choose when to INSTANTLY produce a call to action to convert your traffic into buyers. Determine when to show your call to action and how to show it as well.
    You get to piggyback off Vimeo, Youtube, Wistia, or Amazon S3. Our plugin also lets you upload your video to your media gallery for self-hosting. 
The Sticky Spotlight Video Player plugin takes you through a step-by-step process helping you create the best marketing video promo for your blog post, product page, or service page. You can preview exactly how your video will function as your building it!
#1 – Landing PAge Will pay for itself in a day
Our Video Plugin Works Magic…
Every single marketer and business owner on the planet wants to increase the conversion rate on their landing page… If you’re getting a reasonable amount of traffic, this plugin will pay for itself in no time. We have no doubt our plugin will be the best “bang for your buck” investment you make in marketing
#2 – Product Descriptions… Visualized.
it worked for zappos…
Zappos converted loads of their product descriptions to video. I’m sure their software definitely didn’t cost $17 like our plugin. Zappos experienced a 6-30% increase in conversion on their products.
#3 – automated software demos make sales
Supplement your sales team
SaaS and software products require either an indepth demo, or a sales person to close the sale. IF you’re not using responsive video with a CTA for your software you’re missing sales, or you’re spending a LOT on a sales team. Make sure you make one great demo video to get repeated and automated sales.
#4 – Stop USers From Guessing
It’s the closest we can get
Video is the closest we can get to real life so far. IF users can’t touch and feel something the next best thing is to see a video. Whether you’re selling a product, an E-course, or your own services. Users want to See You. Your Brand. Your Personality…
You’ll Love The Ways We Can Make Your Life Easier.
Get EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO RAPidly increase conversions. 
and turn your site into a Money Machine
We’re re-creating video marketing for 2016. Fully customizable & 
embedding that works anywhere. See some of the examples we tested our plugin on below.
What Else is there to Know 
(The Bigger Picture)
  • Embed Videos, NEVER Link To Them
    You should embed the video rather than just provide a link to it. If you add a simple link to video from any given product page, you can expect something between a 5%-15% video view rate, while a video player embedded on the same page will deliver a view rate ranging from 10%-35%.
  • 60% Lower Return Rate With Video
    Diamond Jewelry Limited realised a 60% reduction in returns when they added video to their website. We assume this is because people know exactly what they’re buying before parting with their cash.
  • Video Only Landing Page Increased Conversion
    Although it won’t always be the highest converting format. Fitness trainer Carl Juneau managed to increase his conversions by 46% by switching to video-only landing page.
  • Attention Spans Are SMALL
    Do you know how long you have before someone might lose interest? It varies, but studies suggest 8 seconds, others suggest 3 seconds. That’s a shorter attention span than a dog! You need to get attention quickly. Video is the best way to do exactly that.
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I loved the interface how it takes you through every step!

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Great light plugin to make videos floating on pages /post

Such a Great Plugin Idea!

This will save you time! It's so easy to use!

Pretty Sweet Plugin!

My clients think I’m a programming ninja now!
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